First-determine the amount needed to set up a brick and mortar location.  Post that as a goal via signage. Note that bike shops in your Metropolitan Statistical Area charge X$/hr.  Ask for a comparable donation for services rendered.  Some will pay more and some will pay less, according to their means or inclination.  I use the Barnett Ultimate Flat Rate Guide @ $30 a flat rate hour. That is about 1/2 of what a for profit shop charges, in my estimation. In bigger cities, rents are higher, ergo labor costs more. 

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Date: 4/23/18 8:19 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [TheThinkTank] "payment" for pop-up repair sessions

HI Folks,

I'm part of a start-up effort in an urban neighborhood in Cincinnati.  We hope to have our own shop, one day, where we will rebuild and sell bikes, affordably.  In the meantime, we have pop-up repair sessions (2 Saturdays/month) planned for the spring/summer, this year.  

We did a few of these part of last summer, but didn't charge anything.  I am not completely comfortable with that, and would like to ask clients to offer something in exchange.  i'd love any ideas about this.


Sue Plummer
WheelHouse Cincy