Ron's on this thread, right? Hey Ron. Come visit Boise sometime. I'd love to see you, man.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Plan B <> wrote:
Uh, yeah Jonathan, we're here.

Remember, Ron Ferrucci works with us. A little hurt that you forgot.
Victor Pizarro
Project Organizer
Plan B, The New Orleans Community Bike Project
On 3/17/2007 1:29 AM, durham bike collective wrote:
hey all! I just wanted to give a heads up about a new bicycle co-operative opening in Durham, NC: the Durham Bike Co-op. We've found a bunch of awesome people opening a community center/show space/infoshop (called Bull City HQ) and are partnering w/them on a space; the bike co-op is opening March 25th. We'd definately be down to connect w/all of you and get any advice you might have--we're pretty new at this. For more info (mission statement etc.) see:  or myspace:

Colin - Durham Bike Co-op.

plan b <> wrote:
Indeed we're still here, just unresponsive due to a temporary lapse in responsibility for the email.  We've never been good about that.  We've shifted our focus back to classes and repairs.  

On 3/6/07, Neighborhood Bike Works <> wrote:
There are two, actually:
Plan B, the original host of Bike!Bike!, is still in existence.  I've
heard the ARK building was relatively undamaged.  In the weeks after the
floods, they shifted operations to provide low/no cost bikes for
residents.  Website is now at

In an effort to keep resources from being siphoned off by the deluge of
"outsiders", Common Ground folks launched RHUBARB ( -- no
www.) primarily for visiting reconstruction volunteers.  Looks like it's
now an earn a bike and open shop program.

I haven't been in contact in nearly a year, so i'm not sure how Plan B's
and RHUBARB's missions are changing or how they fit together.


> Email me if you know of one.
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