On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Forrest Cutrer <fbcuter@msn.com> wrote:
Once Josh scans it he should post it here for everyone. It's pretty neat. However, I do recommend reading it with some discussion. As an identified male who was initially against a gender-specific night, it took both the zine and a good hour-and-a-half long discussion to sway my opinion.

couldn't have said this better myself.

i finally dug out my copy to see if i could find kanako's (the author) email address. it's in there, along with a note that says "feel free to copy and distribute, even add/expand on this zine."

with that in mind, i'm scanning it now. will post a note when it's been uploaded to the attack sit---i mean, bcn wiki.

i for one am definitely interested in feedback from men, women, and everyone else, once they've read it...i feel like bikebike is such a finite time in which to discuss these types of broad issues. the workshops tend to overrun, side discussions are quashed, etc.

would love to see some longer term discussions about oppression and some of the other large societal issues we as bike shops and as people face happening either on this list or somewhere.

thanks y'all.