Hello thinktankers!
Im right now in Quito, Ecuador with a cool project called Todas en Bici which is promoting biking as transportation for women in the city. We are holding workshops teaching adult women to bike... and we have a group now that already has balance and can basically bike. What we need are tips on how to teach more advanced techniques like breaking, turns, shifting, hand signals, and other tecniques to sucessfully bike in the city. If you have any ideas or know of any already made manuals or the sort, please let me know!
Also, please submit to the next issue of the feminist bike zine DAMES ON FRAMES based out of Minneapolis, MN! Articles, stories, photos, drawings, whatever...it all goes! About GENDER, EQUALITY, ACESSIBILITY AND BIKES. Send your submissions (by August 7) to: damesonframes@gmail.com
Claire Stoscheck

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hi, everyone.

just wanted to pass along a guide to basic repairs illustrated by one of our volunteers (it also includes a few pages about bike anatomy from the BICAS manual):



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