Hi Nikki,

I'm with Falls City Community BikeWorks, a community bike shop in Louisville KY. I was just wondering how you went about getting Americorps involved in your community bike shop/programs? Sounds like a great way to help get some things done!

Jane Halliday
Admin. & Development
Falls City Community BikeWorks

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Subject: [TheThinkTank] AmeriCorps VISTA positions open in Colorado Springs

We are hiring two AmeriCorps VISTA positions at Kids on Bikes in Colorado Springs! AmeriCorps is a year of service doing good things for your community. The pay is minimal $973/mo but you get to make a difference and gain valuable experience. We are hiring for a full time Bike Inventory Strategist and a School and Family Outreach Coordinator.  AmeriCorps pays for all your moving expenses!

Click for full job description:

Click here to learn more about Kids on Bikes 

Nikki L. McComsey, CPA
Executive Director
Kids on Bikes, Inc.


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