Hey from Bike Farm in PDX,
We recently had our first meeting back from Bike!bike! and it was incredibly successful. At meetings we usually allow beer-drinking, and its not a huge deal, though has been in the past. This last meeting I noticed someone passing around a pipe. Though that doesn't bother me as an individual, it was slightly distracting and could be a little off-putting to new volunteers (we had 4 newbies at the meeting).
What do other shops have as policies surrounding illegal substances..... what about legal substances?
Also, we're doing some winter programming and came up with a "winter weatherization class". Does anyone have a ciriculum for this sort of thing.. (ie. best types of tires in the rain, fenders, lights, how to be safe in crappy weather etc).
Any other one-to two day classes would be helpful.... and does anyone know of a particular company who might donate, like 30 fenders to us?
thanks for all your help!,