Hi all-

Like many shops, The Recyclery has given away free bicycles with helmets and locks as part of the charitable end of our mission for some time.  For a number of reasons, including several new possible partnerships with Immigrant and Refugee groups in the Chicago area and the desire to qualitatively improve some of the long-term outcomes of our Freecyclery program (which currently ends with the bicycle/signature exchange), we are now considering developing a more thorough manual and 2-4 hour class curriculum.  It would cover basic maintenance questions (patching tires, adjusting brakes and derailleurs) as well as bike safety/common sense (avoiding theft, sharing the road) and would, of course, make clear that The Recyclery exists as a place where they can get help if something does go wrong.

However, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I'm wondering if any other shops have already developed a similar curriculum or handbook.  If so, want to share?

  If not (but you are interested in the idea), would you be interested in forming an internet working group to collaborate on such a resource we could share?  Right now I am working with one of our potential partners and we are picturing a graphically-intense book, the text of which could potentially be translated by people that work for their organization into a number of different languages.  From there we would recruit some volunteer graphic designers or find someone that knows how to work something like scribus (http://www.scribus.net/) to make a nice little booklet (I'm picturing something that could be reproduced photocopier/zine style or done up more flashy) available to all.