We have found Cranksgiving to be a great project.

Cranksgiving equals
Teaching the kids about giving back to the community.
Volunteers get a chance to relax and have fun
Chance to show the shop off to people who otherwise would not stop by.
Lots of media PR
Another Interaction with other Non-profits

So we have multiple routes for different abilities and separate out the race portion to a completely different day, this allows everyone to come hang out, not just the urban hipsters.


This year we are going to have 300 riders = about 4800 food items



Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 17:58:17 -0700
From: bikedadlien@yahoo.com
To: thethinktank@bikecollectives.org
Subject: Re: [TheThinkTank] Hello

Patrick: Welcome aboard. Checked out your website and it looks great!!! I like the idea of Cranksgiving.  Way cool.   Bruce


Hello from Stl, just signed up for the list and looking forward to meeting everyone

Patrick Van Der Tuin

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