Thanks for the question, Will - I'm also interested in teaching bicycle mechanics in Zambia, Africa, if anyone has experience there.

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 7:38 PM, William Wedler <> wrote:
Hi Thinktank list,

I have a request. I am helping a friend start up a bike collective of
sorts based out of an orphanage in northern India (about 2 hours north
of Delhi). He will be staying there for about two years and is
arranging for some bikes and tools to be brought over from the US.

My question is if anybody on this list has experience teaching bike
mechanics in a place like India, where the available tools may be
limited and where bikes are used on a much more utilitarian manner
than we are used to in the US. And if you don't have any experience,
would you be able to forward this request on to anybody who has? I
plan on contacting the village bike project for advice (just sending
them email, so not sure how to best get in touch). Are there any
people running projects in Mexico who may be able to help?

Specifically, I am asking for resources that could help in developing
a curriculum for teaching bike mechanics in a rural orphanage in
India. Any assistance would be appreciated.


P.S. See the website to learn more about the bike project:
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