at the santa cruz bike church we use bio-lube by phil wood.
it gets tacky sooner and may not last as long in wet weather, but i have no complaints. it's nice not to have a fumie, petro-chemical lube in the community shop setting.


On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Chris Chan <> wrote:
MEC used to stock a biodegradable lube.  It didn't work very well.

If you build a covered shed, you can keep your solvent tank outside. You just need something to keep the rain from getting into your system--before we stopped using our varsol tank, our shed was just big enough for the system itself (you stood outside of the shed to actually use it). You can just hammer together something really simple.

On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 11:13 AM, Jonathan Morrison <> wrote:
Has anyone heard of or used this plant based lube line?


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On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Michael Wolfe <> wrote:
Page 13 of the 1992 Bridgestone bicycle catalog has a unique recommendation of using olive oil.

On 4/2/08, Bob Giordano <> wrote:
Indoor air quality is tops on our list for a healthy shop atmosphere.  We
do not store anything that gives off harmful fumes.  Tooth brushes and
simple green (highly diluted) in a small wooden bowl is our parts cleaning
station.  We are even moving away from simple green (i've learned it is
harmful to some)- to a citrus based cleaner.

I guess tri flow is the only thing with fumes in the shop.  Often we ask
people to use it outside.  I'd like to find a non-petroleum lube.

-Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Missoula

Michael Wolfe wrote:
> Speaking of liver damage, etc..  Wondering if any shops out there have
> issues solvent tanks in their shop?  The fumes give me a headache but
> don't seem to mind it.  Mostly I worry about the health effects on the full
> time people in the shop.   Short of installing a hood or ventalation
> what options are there to locate that stuff outside?

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