Reno Bike Project.

We generate most of our income in the shop with bike/part/repair sales.

we do receive some grants from various organizations, but i still havent perfected
the argument that fixing bikes is like taking a huge straw and sucking the fat and CO2
from our universe. but i am working on it.

We also receive private donations which is always awesome. This is probably the
hardest thing to do, ask someone for their money. But it happens, so look out for this.

as for our expenses, there are a lot.

rent 1300/month
insurance 2600/year
full time mech. 1200/month
Ex. Dir. 1000/month

plus other expenses.

for this reason we try to make the shop as
profitable as possible while still helping people.

but we have generated over $70,000 in income so far this year.
so its possible to make it work.

hope that helps


On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 7:26 AM, rachael spiewak <> wrote:
1. 2008 budget:
1/2 = donations for shop parts and services, and other creative donations (example: we got an NPR-style car donation)
1/4 = events/assorted benefits
1/4 = grants

We self-generate most of our budget through the content of our work and by having/participating in events that are relevant to our community.

2. Our rent/utilities is less than $400/mo, which is pretty easy to cover with the above structure.  Having staff necessitates some grant funding, but we don't rely on it heavily and we are strategic about from where we seek it.  Grant seeking is a responsibility of the staff person, but we're careful about not turning the staff person's job into a game of perpetually finding money so she can keep finding money.  Having staff lends to the ability to have more shop hours, and that generates cash, too.  Our best and favorite fundraising activity is having open shop hours.

3. For now we have a director (which seems to be a label useful externally..."staff person" or something like "program admin" work, too).  The point is to have someone managing day-to-day admin activities and keeping track of things.  There are a lot of ins, a lot of outs.

4.  Yes, self sustaining, with some grant money.

-rachael // sopobikes

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 10:39 PM, Liza Mattana <> wrote:

I wanted to redirect Beth's questions that got lost in the bike curriculum thread...thanks in advance.

Our nonprofit, Pedals2People, just got its 501c3.
As we are trying to develop projects and determine our focus under our new status we thought it would be great to get some insight from all of you that have more experience (been around for a while).
Anyone that would like to, please feel free to answer any of the following questions:
1.)  What is your main source of funding?
2.)  If you have a space, how are you covering your costs?
3.)  Do you have paid staff?
4.)  Are you financially self-sustaining or grant funded? 
Thanks for your help!  If you have any other suggestions or ideas or questions i forgot that you would like to answer, please do!

Liza Mattana
Spokane, WA

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