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Our previous Executive Director was a CPA and handled all financials except for the 990.
Our 990 has always been prepared with a local tax firm that has graciously donated that service year after year.  I would highly suggest getting this service donated if possible, but obviously requires a good personal relationship/connection to someone qualified to do that task.

When I took the reins a year and half ago; we contracted with a local accounting practice for general book keeping (Quickbooks) and what was great was there was a sort of 'menu' to chose from with this smaller and local agency.  For X service = $/month, for this service plus X = $ per month and so on.  

For our staff structure and skill set of the Board of Directors- it made sense to hire a book keeper, reconcile monthly expenses, run monthly reports, etc.  and then other aspects we were able to keep in house to fit our capacity and budget. 

I'm not sure what- if any- help this might be, but I responded because I remember our organization being in that same spot two years ago. 

Best of luck.

Keep riding and keep it fun,

Daniel Byrd
Executive Director
Kids on Bikes

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 1:23 PM, Sterling Stone <sterlingstone@gearinupbicycles.org> wrote:
Hello there all,

I am seeking some assistance in making a decision.  For the Past 5 years, we have handled all financial matters in house with our board members.  Payroll, accounting, and end of year reporting (990's) are the primary fun tasks that I am looking to outsource for a no-to-low cost.  Does anyone have any experience with any companies (Paychex, ADP, etc) that they would be willing to share, or any suggestions?



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