There's quite a few, it seems to be even more common up here in Canada. Nearly all of our major institutions now have collectives on campus including ours, the Bike Root on the University of Calgary campus (well sort of).

The one university collective I have always held in highest regard is the Bike Chain on the University of Toronto's campus who have been able to convince their institution to include a student levy to fund the project, which with the amount of students that go there, amounts to a substantial yearly operating budget.

Here's a google doc with a list of the top Canadian universities (U15) and their respective collectives: You should be able to edit this document, and feel free to (and anyone for that matter), it may just be Canadian universities right now but feel free to add whatever you want.


Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:21:12 -0400
Subject: [TheThinkTank] Assembling List of Student/University Bike Collectives and Advocacy Groups

Hello Think Tank,

I am assembling a list of student/university bike collectives and advocacy groups, hoping that by organizing and learning from each other and from outside experts, we can multiply our efforts to increase bicycle use.

Does anyone know of any bicycling-related student groups, or individual students with an interest in bicycle advocacy? I am also interested in environmental and public transit-related groups.

Ryan Feller
Transit and Bicycle Coordinator
New College of Florida '15
(941) 894-4333

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