Hey Andrew, 

The shop I work with currently uses Lightspeed and I have a couple years experience with the program but not your specific situation. I previously worked at the BICAS nonprofit/collective in Tucson for 8 years so I know how it goes with staff turnover and having to switch accounts over to folks. Happy to look into something for ya while I'm at work if you need me to get contact info or look through the help section. Let me know what I can do to help. 


On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 4:54 PM Andrew Shaw-Kitch <andrew@b4hpdx.org> wrote:
Hey everybody!

I work at a small bike nonprofit in Portland, Oregon and we have a contract with Lightspeed ($80/month )-: through July 2020. It was important to staffers at the time (as we were a more high-volume shop), but our goals are presently more geared toward other programs in the community, and our shop/school/hub is more bare bones.

Anyhow, our case to terminate our contract was "escalated" but that didn't entail much beyond double-checking the contract. The person on the contract and the address are out of date for the current organization--does anyone have experience with Lightspeed or getting out of a contract after restructuring?

Thanks for any insight, and for all the great conversations I've been eavesdropping on here :-)

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