Ok so weve discussed what tools we got and need and love(heart)...so dose anybody have any miraculous ideas on how to keep them...I HATE TOOL THEIFS!!!  for some reason the theft has greatly increased,down here at Bicas!!! folks(scum bags) have gotten some crazy idea that they could steel our tools!  over the last 2 months weve lost many 15 13 &10mm wrenches,3 cable cutters, channel locks, 14/15mm wracheting  wrenches and others....i know its bound to happen but has anyone else tried to problem solved this one???    
donald @Bicas

veganboyjosh@gmail.com wrote:
On 9/28/07, Liza Mattana <pedals2people@gmail.com> wrote:
...one job we do is flatten bikes for the village bicycle project in
moscow, idaho. we just need to remove pedals, loosen stem bolts and
turn the handle bars.

off topic, perhaps. but i ran into this problem a few weeks ago, and thought i'd bring it up.

we were organizing our storage unit(s), and a lot of our bikes had been flattened in this manner. which is awesome. anyway, whoever did the loosening of the stem bolts forgot to tighten them back when after flattening them. so when we'd go to pull the bike out of the pile, the bars would come out, leaving the rest of the bike in the pile, but still connected via cables, etc. royal pain.

don't forget to tighten the stem bolts once the bars are turned!

that's it...

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