This looks great, just what we need actually!



On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Jimmy Hallyburton <> wrote:
Thought I would share a resource the Boise Bicycle Project has started using to get more online donations.

A local Boise company called Social Good Network does a bunch of online donation services, but the one that has been a big hit with us is there Facebook Donation App. They don't charge anything to set it up. Just take the usual transaction fees that most services do. The cool thing is that you can feature a video/pictures/story kind of like Kick Starter.

Thought I would share the tool, because to has worked out better than our donation services in the past

You can preview what it looks like without actually making a donation on the Boise Bicycle Project's facebook page The Button is next to where your photo albums button is.

Keep up the good work everyone.


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