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At the Bike Co-op and Kitchen we have implemented a safer space policy that directly addresses how to negotiate serving the needs of various users of our space. We assign the obligation to intervene when a problematic situation occurs to our coordinators and managers. Our conflict resolution process involves a 'three strike' system with conversations with the person involved and the potential to ban them for a year. We also have zero tolerance offenses (e.g. physical and/or sexual violence) where we eject and ban the person enacting that behaviour immediately.

Our policy is attached for further information.

Would love to hear about how other places are doing this work.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Jim Sheehan <jim@ohiocitycycles.org> wrote:
We have always had a maximally inclusive approach for anyone who wants to volunteer, and have recently opened up public shop-use to walk-ins (after eliminating membership as too exclusive and cumbersome). 

We have worked hard to be directly engaged in each visitor's endeavors to meet their goals no matter their situation, and it has worked out well except for very occasional situations (less than 5 over 10 years) when someone was unruly, combative, or stole things. 

With growing demand still handled by a small staff of employees and key volunteers we need a clear and firm policy to make our expectations (and the consequences for disregarding them) more clear than just explaining our principles of "respect, resourcefulness, and reciprocity." And, as our staff grows, a consistent policy will be even more needed.

So we're asking for any behavior policies that your organizations have written, and your thoughts on their effectiveness and/or any unforeseen costs or benefits, so that we all can benefit from your collective experience -- and perhaps expand https://www.bikecollectives.org/wiki/index.php?title=Rules



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