A start can be what is included on public stands and add up, like combination wrenches, maybe brake wrenches.

Eight bicycle tools, including tyre levers, adjustable spanner, multi-tool and torx screwdriver, tethered by aircraft cable

Phillips & standard screwdrivers, Steel core tire levers (2), Headset/pedal wrench, 8/10mm cone wrench, 9/11mm cone wrench, Torx T-25, Hex key set

Phillips & standard screwdrivers, Steel core tire levers (2), Headset/pedal wrench, 8/10mm cone wrench, 9/11mm cone wrench, Torx T-25,  Hex key set (same as above???)

Hex key set, Torx T-25, Steel core tire levers (2), Adjustable wrench, 13/15mm cone wrench, Phillips & standard  screwdrivers

So there is a pattern . . . 

The balance is always between convenience and accountability. Tool rolls are quick, but can take longer to inventory. 

Though more susceptible to being scattered on the floor, personally, I'd get someone with mid level wood working skills and frame out a piece of peg board so it will be self-supporting. Full 2 X 4 on the bottom, ripped 2 X 4 for the sides and top. Can be done with a Skill saw and a rip guide and screwed together. Then apply tool shadows, I've used photocopy cut-outs applied with polyurethane and then a coat on top. They have lasted almost six years now. Color code the board and the tools with vinyl tape.   Easy to tell with a glance if a tool is missing, or what board a "borrowed" one goes back to.


On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 5:38 PM, Luis Fernandez <luis@casildo.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Been lurking the list for a while - stoked that I have a reason to post.  It's a great list, and I appreciate all I've learned from it in lurking silence so far...

I'm a member of the Somerville Bike Kitchen in (currently) sunny Massachusetts (www.somervillebikekitchen.org).

We have a full set of bike tools for most possible repairs and all of them, including basic tools are hanging on a peg board for people to grab as needed.

We are considering building up tool kits that have basic tools that can be attached to a particular stand or handed off to someone working on their bike outside that will cover most of the basic tasks.

If someone needs a more obscure/expensive tool, or a tool that might require more guidance to use (cone wrenches, freewheel tools, chainwhips, etc) they can still come grab it as needed 

I have 2 basic questions:

1) What is the set of tools that you would hand someone to get started on a basic repair of their bike.  (Keeping in mind that more specialized tools are readily available a few steps away.)?  Basically, which are the tools we should have kitted to avoid lots of foot traffic and reduce wasted time as people walk back into the shop for a basic tool that someone else may be using at the time.

here's the kind of kit I'm thinking of...
a set of allen L keys in their own plastic holder 
a 3 way triangular park allen bike tool for basic things
a set of box wrenches (perfect in a tool roll, so it's clear that there is a wrench missing if a slot is empty.)
2 tire levers
4 screw drivers, small flat head, large flathead, small phillips, large phillips
pedal wrench?

2) what's the best way to keep this set of tools organized so that it's easy for someone to know that they've put the set back as they found it and not left something out accidentally.

I'm thinking something like a well labelled tool roll.

How do you all handle this sort of thing?


ps - also, who here has cool stickers?  Anyone interested in a bike coop sticker share?


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