Hey Rich,Rafael from Bike Against! in Fort Collins,i'll tell you all about our "safety inspection process" when i see you @ your film fest.
that's on the 7th right ? Anyway. Talk to you soon.  -Rafael C.

On 8/31/07, Rich Points <rich@richpoints.com> wrote:
Hey All,
I'm curious how various shops check their bikes before they are sold,
earned, given away or distributed in any other way.  Here at Community
Cycles we are very informal way of doing it.  One of the shops at Bike
Bike said they have one person who only purpose is to give the bikes a
final check before they go out.  I've heard of a bike shop in town that
has a 70 point inspection before a bike goes out but have never seen
it.  We have one here that we've used with kids program but I can't seem
to find a copy right now.

Anyway, if you have a document or guidelines that your shop uses we'd
love to see them.

Please pass anything you have along.


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