I'm a member and volunteer at The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign.  Due to a recent donation of abandoned bikes from the local university, we are dealing with some space problems.  Space has always been an issue, but this new donation makes it plainly obvious that we need to build something that will allow us to store bikes a bit better than our current non-solution of leaning them against each other.

I'm certain other co-ops and collectives have run into this issue, and I would love to hear how you solved it.  If you built some cool storage rack, shelf, hanging thing or whatever, I would be incredibly interested to hear about that.  I would be even happier if you could describe how you built it or had pictures of the finished structure.  No point in re-inventing the wheel here.  If there is a great solution that can be built cheaply, I'm all for it.

Thanks... and have fun at BikeBike.  Wish I could be there as it sounds like an awesome time.