Hello bike friends,

Last night during open shop two bikes were stolen from our volunteer bike parking. Both were road bikes, and one was a very expensive titanium frame. We have no idea who might be responsible. I'm asking if you have any ideas about how to get these bikes back. The thefts were reported to the police. We are going to take two other approaches: 1) talk to the youth in our Earn-a-Bike program and ask them to talk to everyone they know who may have taken them. We're not sure at all that it was a young person, but just in case, we want youth friendly to us to be in the know and on the look-out. We haven't decided if a reward should be involved. 2) make fliers alerting people to the theft and ask them to keep an eye out.

What are some creative approaches other shops have taken?  I'm less interested in security measures for the shop than for specifically trying to track down some bikes that have already been taken. Unfortunately, our shop will probably be locked to people until they are let in for at least a short while.

Thanks for your help,