Jim from Mexico city either led or was part of it. I was so bummed to miss it!

The synopsis I got from him was: Bikes are really useful after an earthquake - being a bike messenger and thinking about delivering emergency supplies like a bike messenger company (i.e. a dispatch and lots of people with radios on bikes throughout the city) is a good way to move things. And also, it was great how the bike share system of Mexico city just unlocked all the bikes and let people use them. Not many were stolen during the time which is nice to hear.

I wish I knew more of the details. I think you know Jim? Maybe ask and then report back to us a more filled out synopsis. 

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 11:56 AM Sunny Nestler <programs@bikecoop.ca> wrote:
Hey friends!

I recall a workshop presented by a shop in CDMX on an emergency prep bike that was offering earthquake support. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there any documentation or someone who can remind me of the details? Don't want to reinvent the wheel ha ha 

Thank you,


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