is the originator of most of the systems you will see in North America. 

Zagster seems like an alright copy but I would worry about the exposed rear derailleurs on their bikes.

Everyone in the entire world is launching systems like or right now. I’ve heard reports that factories in China are churning out tens of millions of these bikes every year.

A couple things I would say about systems like Lime Bike or Dropbike:

The bikes are cheap and mostly pretty shitty to ride for more than 15 minutes.
They have a tendency to be stolen/vandalised. Here’s a story about one in China losing 90% of its fleet in 6 months:
Because they are so cheap they are really unsustainable. Most of the companies running these types of systems don’t repair their bikes because it doesn’t make financial sense.

You can read about more systems on Wikipedia:

On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM, Tigre Bici <> wrote:
Hello everyone!
It seems our university finally got the idea on making a bicycle sharing program within campus premises.
We are investigating which are the best/cheaper ones to launch it soon. 
We have seen the zagster and the bike docks that are unlock via a smartphone.
We dont have much information only that they want it to be automatic and with aprox 70 bikes for starter.

Do you know any systems that are available outside the US?

Thanks in advance



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