Hello Bike Bikers,

Can you believe the conference is just days away!!   We will soon send out more info on the things that you should bring with you to the conference and some more logistical info. 

Many people have been writing to ask about the cost of the conference and what the housing accommodations are. We are asking for donations at the conference to cover the cost of food, space rental, print materials etc. 

And as far as housing is concerned- if you send in a registration form (which everyone coming to the conference needs to do) it asks you what your housing needs are and then we hook you up with a home stay or a camping spot. 
We have over 25 workshops confirmed which are all gonna be so great.  Thanks to all the peops who are making that happen. The only thing we are a little lacking on is workshops for the Bike Bike 101 Day, Friday August 10th.

So far we have Cali from the Grease Pit presenting on “?Keeping and Getting a Space” and also the Derailer Bicycle Collective facilitating a discussion about What I Wish I Had (or Had Not) Known When We Opened Shop. 

We really need people to facilitate other workshops including
***“Acquiring Bicycle Donations and Tools”- how to set up wholesale accounts, where else to get tools from, what tools are essential. Where to get bikes from, universities, the po-po, community bike drives, bike organizations, retail bike shops, Old men who have 60 in their garage, random people etc. 
***“Intro to Bike coop programs” holding earn a bike programs for both adults and kids.  Different models to get those bikes out of your shop and onto the street.
***“Intro to legal stuff”  an overview of fiscal sponsorship, 501 c3, bike coop insurance etc.
We are also open to other ideas for workshops that should go on the bike bike 101 day.  Especially workshops suggested by those shops that are just starting up since yinz are the ones who we’re  holding this day for. 
If you can facilitate these workshops or any other ones that are applicable to bike bike 101 please write us ASAP or call 412 731 4094- although e-mail is better.
Otherwise we’ll see you real soon! And get those registration forms in if you have’t already send them.
Andalusia and Jessica