I second the leads on Kona and Ritchey. The tricky part with those folk is that they don't source locally, so far as I know, but do (to their credit) bring quality, reliable transport to folks there.
projectrwanda.org (I believe).
pete and the fm community bicycle workshop

On 12/6/07, rachael spiewak <rachael@sopobikes.org> wrote:
hi, everyone.  thanks so much for your input on the last thread.. i got a lot out of it.

this time i've got questions about doing projects in africa.  i've been asked to come along as a consultant on a project designed to train five local people to be HIV case workers in a place near Kigali, Rwanda ( www.jcause.org).  the folks there say that in order to do their work, they need bicycles.  that's where i come in.  my job is to get bicycles while we're over there, help fix them up, teach bike repair, etc.  i also have to get messenger bags or backpacks so they can haul around meds and paper work, patch kits, multitools, and other on-the-road repair items.  it would also be good if there was a repair shop, or at least a set of basic tools.

i know that working bikes, david peckham/village bicycle project, and others do big bike distribution projects in places around africa, so i intend to make those connections.  but i thought i would check to see if there's any other knowledge among the collective that y'all could share with me... especially contacts with companies who might part with a relatively small in kind donation, things i ought to bring, and tales of adventure.


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