Thanks for the update and clarification. It seems that it is reasonable to "inform" constituents about a vendor's affiliation and to let others beware; compare that to suggesting a boycott of a vendor and the difference stands out. As long as it is true and not slanderous - might be good to cite the source of the info, too.​


On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 10:33 AM, Bob Giordano <> wrote:
Below is a link and some text related to IRS rules and 501c3 activity.
To me this points out the critical importance of defining your mission.

When we started in 1996, we were very clear that 'providing bikes' and
'creating sustainable transportation' were goals towards a 'healthy
community and environment', for instance.

See part 3 of the IRS 'three-part' test below. (this ruling is from 1985,
so more up to date rules may be out there)

Bob Giordano
Free Cycles Missoula,
Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation

"Questions arise as to whether these activities, such as strikes, economic
boycotts, picketing, and mass demonstrations, are permissible methods of
furthering educational or charitable purposes. In determining whether
activities of this type are consistent with IRC 501(c)(3), the Service
relies on a three-part test.

Rev. Rul. 80-278. Such activities will be considered permissible under IRC
501(c)(3) if:
(1) The purpose of the organization is charitable;
(2) the activities are not illegal, contrary to a clearly defined and
established public policy, or in conflict with express statutory
restrictions; and
(3) the activities are in furtherance of the organization's exempt
purpose and are reasonably related to the accomplishment of that purpose.

Edward Stewart wrote:
Be careful of your non-profit status when taking political stance on

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018, BikeConcord <> wrote:
We are debating wether or not to post on our Facebook page.
The brands Bell, Giro helmets, Blackburn lights, and CamelBak bags are
all owned by the parent company Vista Outdoor, America’s largest
manufacturer of ammunition and a big NRA booster.


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