Please don't shoot me as I am not a bike cooperative, I am part of a bike (For free) sharing network.  We too operate on the same zero sum gain as a bike coop, only we don't give our bikes away, we operate them as a bike sharing operation at no cost to the community and consumer.  Our bikes are donated, and volunteers maintain them, and local organizations and businesses provide space for the racks and the like for our "bike stations".  If any of these 700 bikes might be still available, and not under water in Florida, we'd be very interested in learning more and arranging transportation for them. 

Thank you,

Matthew Fenichel
Farmington Valley Free Bike Share

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Hey folks,

Recently, I received a request from a bike rental operator located in the panhandle of Florida looking for a new home each year for their used bicycle fleet. It was described to me that about 700 bikes are available for free on an annual basis - the owner only wants the bikes to be picked up from their location. As described to me, the bikes are in working condition and have about one season of rental wear and tear on them. Currently, the owner is taking the bikes to the scrapyard as they are replaced.

If anyone has any interest, please feel free to send me a note and I’ll connect you directly with the owner of the bike tour company. 


Kyle Wagenschutz
Director of Local Innovation

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