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From: Carolyn Szczepanski <carolyn@bikeleague.org>
Date: Friday, March 14, 2014 at 5:20 AM
To: "bike-equity-network@googlegroups.com" <bike-equity-network@googlegroups.com>
Subject: [bike-equity] Scholarship opportunity for female mechanics

Up to $4,000 in Scholarships Available

SRAM, QBP and UBI are jointly offering two scholarships for female mechanics to attend United Bicycle Institute (UBI). This opportunity is open to aspiring or experienced bike mechanics and women that would like to increase their technical knowledge to further their career in the bike industry. This scholarship will cover either the 1 week Advanced Certification Seminars (ideal for more experienced mechanics) or the more intensive 2-week Professional Shop Repair and Operations class for those with little or no mechanical experience.

This open call for applications opens February 21st and will close March 22nd. Scholarship winners will be notified via email by April 4th.

More here.

Director of Communications, Women Bike

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