Slightly edited version on
I generally keep my MH stuff separate
But somehow pounded out a response 
on smartphone
So terse
Then slept on it
And decided to post.

Mental health is closer to race and ethnicity
So even lumping it in with Alcohol and Other Drugs
is DeMeaning, imnsho...
 Also a catch all for what others don't have
 Aka Hate

clearly hierarchy and 'privilege'
are at play
as (Paid v. Board?)  Staff (is?) somehow better than Other$
(¡=Board Members, Lawyers, Constitution, EuGenics, MAGA, cowboys/girls, clowns 🤡, snails, snakes, 🧫 etc)
 to determine inclusion(, occlusion, collusion, illusion...)
safety, and
 Health (u a doc, not ToDay, actor playing PreTender)
  for (The Entire) "Community" 
  (- ThoseInQuestion)

OMG there's a(n) x, y, z
And start pointing and (knit 🧶 cat 😺 kitten 🐈 🐾) picking 
Bullying etc 

Can I help you?
 (= Why are you/They/Otherze here?)
 Typical reply may be: 
  I doubt it, 
 nor do you really want/plan/intend/able to, 
 Ad nauseum RedHerring...)

And are you OK? 
 (= Why do you breathe?
 i.e. masked 😷 🎭ClOwns🤡: Let's fix that...))
Well , born this/that/another way
Perhaps closer to LGBTQIA...

The Behavio(u)rs of exclusion, elitism, etc
We're better than x, y, z
Therefore determine others fate, 
Levels of "Service", only Allowed to:
  have a drink of water
 SideBar: (from that other fountain ⛲🖋️ 
  firehouse , 
sign from <1960s
 /Simon says...WeSaidSo)

Use bathroom
  (= who's going to clean up after our tourer/itinerant/NiteWalker/Wheelchair 🦼 🦽 user/AIDS/DrugUser/Church Elder(ly)/Donor/OverStressedNewMom...?),
  a tool (pump, crow bar, 
 HeadSet press,
Chain tool, 
 Plasma Cutter,
 (TemPLAte: Recent Bolt? Cable cutter 
 for wedding ring?
  w 2 males
  ~Brothers trying on?)
 to remove:
 Monster's Mask, (on Elephant(.../Electro) boy?), 
 (Skin tone...Lack thereof), 
 Freckles, Liver/Age spots, RatTail, MoHawk, Weaves,
 Rug, Wig, WHig, 
 Chastity belt,
 Apron, Schmock, 
 HandCuffs, shackles, ZipTie?)
Time in space,
When Allowed in space
 To breathe, (Speak... Not speak), 
 (Appear?... DeCloak?) 
 Form (Contrary O'Pines...RaveReViews), 
 Have (Long...No,Blue,Pink,Red,Grey,$_Colours...)Hair/Brillo?
 /Dashiki/ Burn$(p)FLags,
In community, 
On planet, 
 ThisSideThatSide InVisible Color /_,... line,
AnyWhere in this RedLine state$, 

Time's up

Eff this list and org
I'm offended by this
You Lose
UnSub OP etc
Citing Ableist, Classism , Exclusivity, 
Nazi, Stalin, MouseALini, TrodGoLyte, 
 Have(Tool/Weapon)InHandThereForeThinkDeVine/Noose, SoftSpotInOthersSkull/Neurons/ synapse, BioChem, 
etc like Hate,
HowEver thinly cloaked/veiled...

Likely posting this to
As may not even clear BullMailSPAMze Modz

Not a manifesto, btw
Just decades of this (_$~¿^$_§✓©®™)

FinePrint for Lawyers, PoliDicks, et. Al.
  (~= +/- `Go(r|z)eianGreatInConvenience) 
Can't You (v. ATrueWe) UnderStand?

Not a Rant nor Line noise
See RegEx Petl Python, Awk,SEd,GNUXEMacs,


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You can look into mental health first aid training
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