Hey Ryan,

Thanks for posting this. June is/was Bike Month in Boulder, and our heads are all still spinning from it...Seems like I've posted this everywhere trying to raise awareness...thinktank slipped my mind.

Yeah, Van Duzer is awesome. He does some volunteer work for us with our kids' program, and he's somewhat of a local celebrity here in Boulder. Awesome way for us to raise money, as he's out there doing the work.
 One of the lines he's using to raise awareness is that if he can ride his 3 speed cruiser/townie bike across the country, most folks can ride a bike the 2 miles to the grocery store and back.
 He's super funny and friendly and he updates his blog frequently. You all should check out his route and if he's coming near you, he'd love to visit.

Thanks everyone. Hope summer is treating you all well.

Community Cycles

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 12:24 AM, Ryan Guzy <ryanguzy@gmail.com> wrote:
I don't think this has been posted to the list before, I'm surprised Josh didn't let us know sooner :-) 

Ryan Van Duzer is riding a New Belgium three speed across the US raising money for Community Cycles in Boulder, filming for his blog and a newspaper, and doing bike advocacy. His blog and info are here: http://ryanvanduzer.com/

He's a really cool guy, we hung out and rode with him while he was in Tempe this past weekend, and he was at BICAS in Tucson today. While he was in town he did some filming at Bike Saviours and with another bike advocacy group I'm involved in, TBAG. Check out his route to see if he's coming your way, he should be heading through Las Cruces and Albuquerque next.

Ryan Guzy
Bike Saviours
Tempe, AZ

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