Did it fall while top drawers were open? It's good to have cabinets that only allow one drawer to be open at once. 

Also some are weighted at the bottom. You could add to this by putting heavy parts on the bottom, reserving top draws for reflectors and other light weight parts.

File cabinets have worked for me, I've even used files in them to separate parts it helps that only one of our drawers can open at a time keeping the weight on the base of the cabinet.

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Angel York <aniola@gmail.com> wrote:
From the minutes at my old bike collective, where they had been using double-wide filing cabinets as parts storage:
  • Large parts filing cabinet fell suddenly and catastrophically, no injuries, single most dangerous thing to happen in shop history, we are very fortunate.
  • We CANNOT use double-wide cabinets ever again, they are too potentially dangerous the way we use them.

Beware of storing parts in any kind of drawers that could be top-heavy.  After years of working just fine, they could spontaneously come crashing to the floor.


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